Landlord Guarantee Program

We understand tenants aren’t the only ones who have been hit hard due to the pandemic crisis. If you are a landlord and you have tenants with back owed rent, learn how the Landlord Guarantee Program can help you.

What is the Landlord Guarantee Program? The Landlord Guarantee Program (LGP) reimburses landlords for eligible non-payment costs incurred during the “safe harbor” period required by Senate Bill 278. You may be eligible for funds if you have a tenant with back-owed rent and/or non-payment charges and you did not issue a termination notice or initiate or continue an action for possession as required by the “safe harbor” tenant protections (Senate Bill 278). 

You may qualify for funds if:

  • Your tenant provided you with documentation from a rent assistance provider that they applied for rent assistance and you: 

    1) delayed delivering a Termination Notice for Non-payment, or 

    2) delayed initiating or continuing an action for possession based on a termination notice for non-payment and

    • The tenant has back-owed rent and/or eligible non-payment charges that accrued during the period of delay, and 
    • The tenant lives in Oregon

You will be required to submit documentation with your application, including: 

  • A copy of Property Management Agreement with the Owner, if you are the Property Manager
  • Completed IRS W-9 form “Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification"

A copy of the notification the tenant gave you that they applied for rent assistance. This can include a copy of an e-mail, copy of a screenshot, or other written or electronic documentation from a rent assistance provider that verifies the submission of an application for rent assistance. 

Do you have questions about when you should apply?

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If you would like some support understanding program eligibility and the application process, please view these training materials.

Watch landlord training video

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Read LGP Program Guidelines


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Are you a tenant in Oregon looking for help with your rent?  Unfortunately, the Landlord Guarantee Program is for landlords only. Please encourage your landlord to apply if you think you might qualify. For help with rent please call 2-1-1 or visit


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