FAQ: Our Apartments

Our Apartments

Do I qualify for Home Forward’s housing?

All Home Forward apartment communities have income guidelines, which can be found when you search or browse our properties.  In addition, there are specific requirements to participate in our Section 8 and public housing programs, and each of our apartment communities screens applicants to ensure they will be good tenants.

Does Home Forward have HUD housing?

Home Forward has two types of apartments that are subsidized with funding from HUD: public housing and apartments that have project-based Section 8 subsidy attached to them.  In the Get an Apartment section of our website, you can locate these communities by choosing “I prefer subsidized housing” as a preference when you search or browse Home Forward properties.

Is the waiting list for Home Forward apartments open?

For most Home Forward apartment communities, you can contact the leasing office directly to see if there are apartments available.  The contact information for each leasing office is listed when you search or browse Home Forward properties.

For public housing communities, waiting lists are managed centrally at our main office.  We open public housing waiting lists when the wait time for a community drops below a year, and we typically open the list for several properties at once.  You can see the wait times at our public housing communities by clicking here.

What other resources are available?

There are many providers of affordable housing and support services in our community.

  • Check the website Housingconnections.org regularly to see affordable housing that is available from other landlords.
  • Get a list of apartment communities that have Home Forward’s project-based Section 8 subsidy in some of the units by clicking here.
  • The Rose City Resource Guide is a good place to find information on housing and other services.
  • For immediate short-term help, please call 2-1-1 (from cell phones, call 503-222-5555) to talk to someone about resources that may be available.