Special Initiatives

Home Forward has a national reputation for innovation in developing and delivering housing and support for people in need. One of the ways we do this is through carefully planned special initiatives and pilot projects..

Rent Reform at Home Forward

Home Forward has simplified the way we calculate rent assistance to make it easier to understand, more equitable and less intrusive. We also want to use the new rent method to provide greater stability for residents, along with more supports and incentives for families to increase their incomes. To read more on Rent Reform at Home Forward click here.

Public Housing Preservation Initiative

Home Forward owns almost 2,000 units of public housing throughout Multnomah County. Federal funding has not kept pace with the growing needs of day-to-day operations, maintenance, and capital improvements for these properties. In order to protect and enhance our community’s public housing resource, Home Forward launched a Public Housing Preservation Initiative in 2007.

This involved replacing units that were inefficient to operate, making $30 million of capital improvements to family housing properites, and increasing the number of available units. The result is a safer, more sustainable public housing supply.

The agency now is turning its attention to preserving its ten public housing high rises.  These apartment communities are a valuable community resource.  Located in the central city near services and amenities, they provide more than 1,200 homes for seniors and people with disabilities, most of whom live on fixed incomes of less than $1,000 a month.

The buildings are between 30 and 50 years old and in need of serious repair. The improvements, estimated at $80 million, include exterior siding work, roof replacements, seismic bracing, replacement of water supply piping, better interior ventilation, and replacement of obsolete boilers.

Residents will remain in place as this work is done in phases over the next five to seven years.  Financing these renovations will involve changing the underlying federal subsidy for these buildings from public housing to project-based rent assistance.

For more information on these efforts, please read the following documents: