Hope, Access and the Potential for a Better Tomorrow

Welcome to Home Forward.  We are committed to providing our most vulnerable neighbors with access to affordable housing and services.

Conceived during the Great Depression and born at the start of World War II, Home Forward, then known as the Housing Authority of Portland, quickly became a national symbol of hope, creating housing for 72,000 people in our first two years of existence: more than any public agency in the country.  Since then, we have continued to lead and innovate in fostering economic stability and potential for our residents, as they move themselves forward into new homes and new lives.

Today, even as our community pulls itself up out of the deepest economic recession since we first opened our doors, we see increasing demand for our services.  Delivering on the promises we make to the families, seniors, vulnerable adults and others we work with every day has never been more important.

Our strategic priorities are to align our resources with others serving the same people, preserve our real estate, work with our residents to connect them with support and services, and continue to be good stewards of public funds.

With this focus, we hope Home Forward will make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of our neighbors for decades to come.