Reporting Program Abuse

Stopping Section 8 program abuse within Multnomah County is an important goal of Home Forward.

If you become aware of a rule violation by a participant or landlord involved in Home Forward’s rent assistance program, you can leave a message on our Rent Assistance Investigation Hotline at (503) 802-8571.

When reporting abuse, please provide as much detail as possible regarding the possible violation. You have the right to remain anonymous, but we request that you leave your name and phone number in case we need to contact you for further information. All reports are kept strictly confidential.

After We Receive a Program Abuse Report

Confidentiality is our primary concern. We never reveal our sources, and we cannot confirm or deny a person's participation in any of our programs. The following steps will be taken:

  • Your allegation is documented in a secured database by our compliance Investigator. Only the alleged perpetrator's name is placed in this database. Your name is not recorded in this database.
  • If the alleged perpetrator is a participant in one of our programs, we will investigate in every way available to prove or disprove the abuse.
  • If a criminal allegation is received and we can verify its validity, we always notify the police, District Attorney, or the HUD Inspector General's office.
  • If the police are involved, they will send the landlord a written complaint, requiring the landlord to respond.
  • Participating landlords are required to send us a copy of any chronic nuisance letter they receive from the police, as well as any lease violation notices they give their tenants.
  • If all information leads to a finding of abuse or criminal activity, and the alleged perpetrator is one of our program participants or landlord, termination from that program will be proposed.
  • Federal regulation requires that participants have the right to request an informal hearing. This is the final step in determining whether or not a person remains in the rent assistance program.
  • Landlords found to be involved in noncompliant or criminal activity will be placed on a debarred list, preventing them from future participation in the rent assistance program.

All disproved allegations are kept in a secured file and may be referred to in the future if another allegation is received.