FAQ: Business Contracting

Business Contracting

How can I be added to your vendor list?

We do not currently maintain a vendor list. Vendors are encouraged to mail their flyers or brochures to us, and we will share them with project managers when similar services are requested.

How can I hear about business opportunities with Home Forward?

We post most of our business opportunities on the Current Opportunities page of our website. In addition, we advertise in the Daily Journal of Commerce, Portland Observer, El Hispanic and Asian Reporter.  Construction-related projects are typically available for viewing by visiting a number of local plan centers including OAME, MCIP and the DJC Plan Center.  We also post opportunities in ORPIN, a free bid service operated by the State of Oregon.

Under what conditions does Home Forward solicit project bids?

Procurements with budgets under $5,000 do not require bids. Projects between $5,000 and $100,000 require  informal solicitation of at least three competing bids. We strongly encourage our departments to include Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business vendors in all solicitations. Projects with budgets over $100,000 follow a formal procedure that includes advertising, receipt of bids in sealed envelopes, and approval by our Board of Commissioners.